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Another tradtion in may, or around may in Germany is going for a hike on the 1st of may.
Small or bigger groups gather somewhere in the towns and villages with a little „car“ called „Bollerwagen“ filled with (mainly) alcohol.

As I did not know what to do on the 1st of may this year I asked a good friend and she said that I could join her, her brother, his wife and a lot of people that I did not know.

So we met yesterday at 10.30am with about 20 people of which I actually knew a few more than I thought from my child years from school or sports.
We had with us two “Bollerwagen”, 1 filled with (mainly) alcohol and some candy and the other one filled with a huge musicbox 🙂 So everybody would hear us in the forest.

It was a great group and we talked and laughed a lot about everything 🙂
Of course the girls had to almost pull the heavy “Bollerwagen” more often than some of the guys.

We walked to a place called “Kreuzeiche” where a lot of our hikingtrails meet. There a hell of a party is going on every year, or better, everytime there is a “hiking-event” in one of the towns surrounding it.
There we made a stop for over 1 hour to just dance, talk and have fun.

On the way back we needed a lot more time than on the way there as more than half of the group was totally drunk and could hardly even walk.
Thankfully we were also a group that did know where to stop up in front with sober, or just tipsy people… we just had to wait every few minutes for the others 😉

Afterwards we went vor a BBQ to my friends brother and his wife’s place. By that time we were “only” about 15 people left.
It was fun sitting around, talking, eating and drinking, and between 19.00-20.00 everybody went to home.
Me too, and straight to bed 🙂

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Most people just think about the north as a cold, dark place without any sun in december… and then all of it sudden with 24 hrs sunlight in summer with the midnight sun.

But did you know how fast it actually goes that we have more hours of sunlight up here than for example in Germany?

On monday, yes, this monday, we will have here in Kangos 12 hours 11 minutes of sunlight while my hometown in Germany has 12 hours and 8 minutes.
Only a few minutes for now but by the end of the month, on the 31st of march it will be 13 hours, 50 minutes up here, while in my hometown “only” 12 hours 58 minutes.

Crazy isnt it?

Anyway I bought myself an actioncam (no, no goPro like everybody else – I went for the Sony… I do not want to pay so much for just a name) and tried it out yesterday while harnessing the dogs and starting on a daytour.
I still did not really get it how I manage to get it straight on my head but at least it worked a little bit.

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wishing you all a


sorry i don’t have time for a longer article

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After being in my 4th year as a sleddogguide I have to say – no year was like another. Especially about the snow.

In my first season in Finland it was cold really early. In september we’ve already had around 15 below and we were able to train with the ATVs on the frozen swamps without any problems.
Snow came middle of october and we were on the sleds end of october.
In April snow lasted till the end of the season but it wasn’t good conditions anymore.

The second season in Finland didn’t start cold but with a lot of snow and we were even able to go on the sleds earlier than the year before.
Sadly at the end of march it was getting far too hot and on my last weektour we were sliding over gras, roots and stones – which wasn’t really nice anymore.

My third season in Finland was neither cold nor snowy.
When the first guests arrived last week of november we only had about 3cm of snow.
So they had to train with us on the ATVs one day, go on a husky hike and in the end even had a short sled experience on a tandemsled with one of us guides each.
Surprisingly at the end of the season there was still so much snow that the season could have gone much longer as conditions were great still 🙂

This, my fourth season, but first in Sweden we had summer temperatures for far too long.
Luckely we have snow since 2 weeks and on the sleds.
Not so lucky is, that it is still far too hot.
Last weekend we’ve even had rain and this weekend the forcast says the same.
It’s a shame that it’s not getting cold as like this the lakes and rivers don’t have the opportunity to freez proper so far.
Hopefully situation will change soon as next week season starts officially 🙂

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When I saw my first northern light over three years ago, i remember how breathtaking it was – if I think back about how light the light was, I would not even step out of the door for it anymore 🙂

I really hope that my english is good enough to explain how they work – puh…. 😉

Northern lights (aurora borealis) are most common in high latitue (often only over 60°)
It’s sunstormes which paticles (iones, protones and so on) hit the outer atmosphere and make little explosions with other paticles and make them shine.

They can happen any time of the year but it’s most common to see in wintertime when the nights are long.
Soft lights are more likely to see in clear nights when there is no fullmoon and it is pitchblack otherwise.
The strengh can go from a white shimmer, to the most likely green but also to red and pink.
Red I’ve only seen twice so far, pink only once – last week.

It was already said that’on wednesday there’ll be a hugh sunstorm (forecast) and when the green light got really strong I went outside with my camera – just at the right time as all of it sudden the sky was exploding in red and pink.
I still cannot believe how lucky I was 🙂

For those who like to watch my videos. I made an experiment with my tiny camera on my sled… the video speed it 200% so don’t wonder 😉

video on facebook

video on youtube

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Since last week we’re talking about changing to sleds already.
Sadly the temperatures rised again above zero and we’re still on Atvs…

Last week this time we were already walking on frozen lakes- now it would be really dangerous again 😦
I’m thinking positive that next week we’ll change to sleds and so I made a video of the training in change of season.
Especially because we still have to learn the trails for the season 😉

I uploaded it twice – on facebook and youtube – hope you like it



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