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Our next stops where Sundsvall, Stockholm and Jönköping 🙂


Of course I do have some photos for you 🙂



Jönköping & Gränna

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I have decided to make this weblog more or less a photoblog as at the moment I do not have the time to write everything twice and most people reading this english weblog are photopeople anyway:

So here we go, Roadttrip Part 1
Explore the North – Umea

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We wanted to have a nice weekend away from everything for two nights before we are not going to see each other for 6 month.

So we went to Kiruna on saturday evening, ckecking into the Scandic Ferrum Hotel. It was a really nice hotel and our room had a really great view over the ironmine.

DSCN2521 DSCN2523 P1060862

The next morning, after an awesome breakfast buffet, we went to check out the small city. There was not much to do and the weather was not so nice either but we checked out the city hall and the church.

City hall I did not like so much myself but the church was a nice one. It is a mix out of different architectures from america, norway and the sami-people and it was build from 1903-1912

DSCN2526 DSCN2527

Afterwards we went to a nice park with a nice view over the oremine on the “mountain” Kiirunavaara (snowgoosemountain)


At 3 p.m. it was time to do the most touristic thing you can possible do in Kiruna. Go on a guided tour to the mine.

This ore mine is the biggest and purest ore body in the world. It is 80m wide, 4km long and, 2km deep – as far as known. They have to looked any further down. Since they started they extracted more than 1 billion tons of iron and they are down to a main level on 1365m underground.

We drove with a bus underground as they have a really big streetsystem there to get the workers in and out from there in a nice way.


After arrive on the public level our guide gave us helmets und a short introduction before we went in and he explained everything from retrieving the iron to how they send it via train and ship all over the world.

To that we got a nice film and some coffee and some iron palletts to take home for ourselves 🙂

It was really worth it and really interessting.

P1060868 P1060874

I even thought about bringing Schröder along and took a photo of him. 🙂


Another maybe interessting thing is maybe that Kiruna will be completely moved over the next 10 years as otherwise they will disapear in the ground. LKAB is paying for all the moving and the people can even decide if they want  their old house moved or a built a new house.

Why is that you asked… because on the side of the mountain they are NOT working the gravel will always sink into the ore body after they got out more iron from there and Kiruna is simply in the way.


In the evening we treated ourselves with a really great dinner at “Mommas Steakhouse”, right next to the Scandic Hotel. It was one of the best meals I have had in the last few years. Simply amazing 🙂


All in all it was a great weekend and a nice end of the winter. Tomorrow we will move and on Thursday I will fly home for 10 days 🙂

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Long time ago I made my last video – now on my last free day I have had time again to sit in front of my beloved Macbook at create something new.

This time a collection from december at Explore the North.
So far it was a really good season with nice guests and of course the greatest of them all – the dogs. I am very happy working here.

As it was the darkest month of the year some of the photos are in a bad quality but I hope you like it anyway.

For all those who joined me later, in the past few weeks here are the links to the former videos:

Sommervideo (facebook)

Training on the sleds (youtube)

Quad training (youtube) (mein liebstes 🙂 )

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wishing you all a


sorry i don’t have time for a longer article

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T-puppies – week 6

After realising that last week was week 5 and not 4 it’s already week 6 now – time is flying!

Since about one week we feed the little ones now defrosted meat to get them used to normal food soon 🙂

Sadly I’ve only had my phone with me yesterday so the photos are not the best.



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Party in the north

Today something not having to do anything with dogs…

A lot of people ask in wintertime how we survive without having the chance of partying.

Explore the north is in the forest and the next little town is so small, that everybody knows me by now – even the ones that I don’t know …

If we want to go out we have to drive 60km to pajala and there’s not that much either …

Thankfully we can make our own parties, like last Thursday.

We heated up the sauna and prepared the Jacuzzi.
When everybody was finish working we made a nice BBQ in the rain, drank some beer and wine and had some good talks.

Really cool was the fact, that really everybody was there. Kennel, kitchen, lodge and activity staff.

After a while we went to the sauna to heat up before running out jumping into the icecold lake for some refreshment.

When it was getting late the remaining people went up to the husky lodge to sit together and talk until everybody went to sleep.

It was a great evening and we really have to do it again 🙂

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