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In a lot of parts of Germany it is tradtion to put up a “Maibaum” (Maytree) on the 30.04. every year.
Usually it is hold together with a huge party in the towns and villages, with a lot of music, dance and drinking.

The roots of this tradtion is not really clear. Some think it is to make the ghost of the forest happy. 🙂

Another tradition around this tree is, that the towns and villages steal it from each other overnight.
So the trees are guarded every night, but usually our two towns here steal it from each other every single year 😉

I met my best friend yesterday in town but it was not as good as it was supposed to be.
The Kindergarten and the primary school made some dances and the whole town sang some may-songs but afterwards most people already disappeared.
So we just stand together with her parents, drank a beer and went back home.

Also I was surprised that I almost knew nobody there. I talked to one former classmate of mine but that was it.
But even she said, as she is also not living here anymore, that she also does not know anybody anymore.



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Wir sind leider derzeit nicht erreichbar, versuchen Sie es in etwa 2 Jahren nochmal...


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