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Yesterday we went hiking on the “Rothaarsteig” in the german area called “Sauerland” 🙂 It was really foggy but still I think that then the landscape is even more beautiful!





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Our forest – in pictures

While going for a walk in our forest – sadly it does not feel like winter and/or christmas at all – feels more like autuum…







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Another tradtion in may, or around may in Germany is going for a hike on the 1st of may.
Small or bigger groups gather somewhere in the towns and villages with a little „car“ called „Bollerwagen“ filled with (mainly) alcohol.

As I did not know what to do on the 1st of may this year I asked a good friend and she said that I could join her, her brother, his wife and a lot of people that I did not know.

So we met yesterday at 10.30am with about 20 people of which I actually knew a few more than I thought from my child years from school or sports.
We had with us two “Bollerwagen”, 1 filled with (mainly) alcohol and some candy and the other one filled with a huge musicbox 🙂 So everybody would hear us in the forest.

It was a great group and we talked and laughed a lot about everything 🙂
Of course the girls had to almost pull the heavy “Bollerwagen” more often than some of the guys.

We walked to a place called “Kreuzeiche” where a lot of our hikingtrails meet. There a hell of a party is going on every year, or better, everytime there is a “hiking-event” in one of the towns surrounding it.
There we made a stop for over 1 hour to just dance, talk and have fun.

On the way back we needed a lot more time than on the way there as more than half of the group was totally drunk and could hardly even walk.
Thankfully we were also a group that did know where to stop up in front with sober, or just tipsy people… we just had to wait every few minutes for the others 😉

Afterwards we went vor a BBQ to my friends brother and his wife’s place. By that time we were “only” about 15 people left.
It was fun sitting around, talking, eating and drinking, and between 19.00-20.00 everybody went to home.
Me too, and straight to bed 🙂

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Already a few years ago I went hiking with my mums travelagency somewhere in the “Westerwald”.
This year they’ve had another hiking event for their customers and friends in the nice “Sauerland” and I went with them.

First we went to Bad Berleburg to have a tour in the castle Berleburg.
It is a castle where people still live in and you can feel it by the warm athmosphere.
Living in there is the family Seyn-Wittgensetin-Berleburg with their “boss” Richard-Casimir Karl August Robert Konstantin Prinz zu Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg. What a long name.
The oldest part of the castle is a museum by now but in all the other buildings the family is still living their daily life.

They are really social, making events for all the “normal” people every now and then and also inviting the elderly people every year around christmas for a nice coffee.

Sadly we were not allowed to take photos from the inside, so I will just give you one from the outside.

Futher on we went to Kühude, a really really small village where we met our hiking guide.
As we booked a table for lunch we went more or less the straight way there with only a few stops looking at some special things in the forest.
For example a stonetower or a little “forest ghost” as they call the little guy.
Every now and then hikers change his appearance and sometimes he is very a skirt oder has hair made out of trees.

Our lunch we have had in Schanze in a small skicabine.
It was really cozy and the food was really good. Rustic style and HUGE protions. Next time I know I will only take a small portion for sure 😉
The owner is a really funny guy, always joking and wearing leather pants 🙂

On we went on the “Kyrill pfad” (Trail). Maybe some of you remember the huge storm in 2007 that hit Europe, and most of all Germany. If not you can read everything about it here.
We lost most wood of all areas in Europe and especially in this part.
They left it excactly like it was before. Not touching anything.
So you have to climb over and under trees and hold your balance very well. I would recommend only to go this trail with really good shoes as it is really slippery sometimes.
But also adventorous.

A group photo we had to do of course as well.

On we went on the sculpture way. A way spicked with all kind of different wood, metal and stone sculptures.
Really interessting.

The last thing we took a look at was a suspension bridge which is 40m long and one of the greatest thing on the trail.
It was fun to walk and shake with a lot of people on there.

All in all it was a really nice day with a lot of fun people and surprisingly good weather.
Today in one week I will be in Antalya already. WOW… seems unbelivable but it is true.

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