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Snowshoveling can’t be fun? – YES it CAN!


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I thought today I finally show you a video I have been working on over the last few weeks. Everytime I wanted to finish it I did not have time and everytime I had time I was not in the mode to finish it.

So here is a video of my last two “Silence of the winter” Tours for this season. Just playing around with my new camera.
Hope you enjoy it.

Only 5 days of the season left.
Already driven my last “Silence of the Winter”, my last “Overnight Tour” and today my last “Halfdaytour” for this season 🙂 😦

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Since a while I wanted to update the T-Puppies. But instead I worked, worked and worked. So now I took time to at least make a february video 🙂

Somehow the quality is getting worse and worse and I cannot see why. So I hope you like in anyway – even with a hell of a lot of pixels

For all those who joined me later, in the past few weeks here are the links to the former videos:

January 2013

December video (youtube)

Sommervideo (facebook)

Training on the sleds (youtube)

Quad training (youtube) (my favorite 🙂 )

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Last week I was finally again on the “Silence of the Winter”. This time with 6 guests from all over the world.
3 Guests from Germany, 2 from Australia and 1 from South-Africa.
I love to have mixed groups and it was fantastic 🙂 Really enjoyed the company.

This was also the first week we drove to a new cabin.
Well not a new cabin – they also used it last year but this year I was the first one driving there and I was really lucky as the trails were perfect (thanks to Anders, our activity manager) and the weather was blue sky and sunshine.
Great was also the fact that I did bring my bridgecamera, which I usually not bring, on tour to tkae some nice photos.
We even had a small northern light the last evening 🙂

Here are some impressions of last week 🙂











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It is already the 6th of february so it is time for me to show you how january looked like for me – in a little video of course 🙂

I took music from the same guy as before as I just think that his music fits the video. We had a lot of sun – probably the most sunny january I have had in 4 years.

Anyway I hope you enjoy.

For all those who joined me later, in the past few weeks here are the links to the former videos:

December video (youtube)

Sommervideo (facebook)

Training on the sleds (youtube)

Quad training (youtube) (mein liebstes 🙂 )

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Sometimes you just have to get away from everything. Just for a few days.

We are living only 7km away from work, so we are never really “off work”, as we always read or see something or someone. But this weekend changed it.

Martin invited me to go to Finland for 1 night in a nice Hotel.
We drove yesterday morning via Pajala to äkäslompolo and checked into “Ylläskaltio Hotelli”. It is a nice hotel with really friendly staff and nice big rooms.
After just passing out on the bed, reading some books we walked to “Jullis Bar”, where I used to go every other week while I was still living and working in Finland.
There we had to wait for a table to be free – which is not unusual at this time of the year.
After some time two former workcolleagues arrived and a few minutes later a third one. Sadly more did not have time to come over.
But it was a fun time.

We just sat, ate some Burgers and Pizzas and chatted along about work & life.
After two hours two of them had to go home and only Martin, Stefan and me remained.
We changed location to Selvä Pyy where the “Jazz & Blues Festival” took place. It was far too loud bit still fun to just talk and listen to the music.

Back at the hotel we turned on the sauna that was in our room but felt too tired to use it – ergo, went straight to bed.

This morning we were first thinking of visiting our old workplace. Not the dogfarm as everybody was on tour today anyway – but the Lodge. Sadly we did not reach our former colleague working there and therefor we just went on our way home after a nice long breakfast.

Things that I never realized so much before:
The streets in Finland are MUCH worse than in Sweden. While in Sweden I drive with 100 km/h, in Finland I sometimes only drove 60kmh as I was sliding from one side to the other.
And: We have about double the amount of snow here than they have there. Okay, I like snow, but we have a snow record and now I just want it to stop snowing as we have MORE than enough.

It was a really nice, relaxing weekend and I hope we will do it again soon 🙂

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… is what most people already say when it is only 5 below.

To be honest – yes I do think that 5 below is colder than for example 15 below. The first is wet-cold and the last is drycold.
The best temperatures are 15 – 30 below. Everything lower is simply cold and below 40 it is just f……cold

I know a lot of guests think that we, as guides, are not freezing at all – let me tell you – that is NOT true. We are freezing as well, just maybe only in colder temperatures as you do, or because our nervendings are not the best anymore anyway 😉

For me the cold is much better than the warmth. Of course I like to travel warm countries as well but at some point you just cannot put off more clothes because of the heat, while in the cold you can just dress better and better 🙂

I have seen everthing. Guests who come with nylonsocks (of course they will have cold) and people who do not want to have the clothes we offer and rather wear their own stuff – and freeze on tour.

Here the guests are provided with:
good shoes
Skitrousers and parkas
Outer gloves, Balaclava and furhat
Most of the stuff from Bergangs of Norway

I guess that is a good deal.
To it you can buy warmpads for feet and hands at reception which are really good. Me myself I have always one with me just in case I am getting cold hands. (my feet are usually fine – but okay I guess as a guide I am moving more than the guests)

As an example what I am wearing in an average temperature of 10-30 below.

Armysocks up to my knees as a bottomlayer
Plasticbag on each foot (for insulation from moist)
thick whoolsocks (2 sizes bigger than usual to have space for my toes)
Baffin Polar shoes, 5 sizes bigger than my normal shoes so that the air can circulate and keep me warm.

Fleeceunterwaer as a bottom layer
Skitrouser from Bergangs of Norway

Thermo long underwear as the bottom layer
Either a normal downjacket or a downparker from bergans of norway

For working with the dogs normal fingergloves with Thinsulate. I also start driving the sled wearing these
While driving and depending how cold it is I might chance during the day to bigger gloves.

1-2 Buffs (I chew on them… I know I am a bad girl…)
Hat (I have different ones… furhats, merinowhool or even my funhat fridolin)

This list is not meant for everybody. It is just what I need in these temperatures. Of course it is always better to wear one layer too much than too less!!!

If the temperature drops lower than 30 below I usually wear more as well. A T-Shirt between my upper layers, sometimes a second longunderwear and a third pair of socks.

Also you should alawys dry to keep moving. A lot of people stop moving when they are cold – worst thing to do. Always keep moving so you keep warm – not as much that you sweat!

Fun thing about the cold is: You will start to look funny. Your hair is turning grey and your eyelashes will get a nice colour as well 😉

Here me as an example while working with my funhat called Fridolin 🙂


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