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Today it is time for the last part of the roadtrip photos.

We have visited a friend of us in Berlin, made a spontaneous stop in leipzip and explored the area around where Annika is living. It was simply great.

But I will let the photos tell everything:



Ulm / Teck / Esslingen

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Our next stops where Sundsvall, Stockholm and Jönköping 🙂


Of course I do have some photos for you 🙂



Jönköping & Gränna

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I have decided to make this weblog more or less a photoblog as at the moment I do not have the time to write everything twice and most people reading this english weblog are photopeople anyway:

So here we go, Roadttrip Part 1
Explore the North – Umea

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Nothing is holding me home for long, so I traveld over the last few days, together with my mum to the north of Germany.
I have once been to Bremerhaven many years back and once I have been to Bremen too even more time ago.

Now we went to explore some more.

In Bremen we went the first day to see the city itself with the Dom and the Böttcherstraße as well as the as well as the harbor part Schanze and the old city part “Schnoor”
all in all Bremen is a really beautiful city. A lot of bicycles everywhere and friendly, nordish people.
Most people would rather go to Hamburg or something on holiday but I would always recommend Bremen instead.

In the evening I visited a friend of mine close to Bremerhaven. We had a really good talk and it was nice seeing her again.

The next day we went to Bremerhaven again. This time to visit the famous museum “Klimahaus” where you can experience the climate all around the world, travelling on the longitude of 8° 34min.
You can make experiments everywhere and it is really interessting to see how climate changes.

Afterwards we just went for a walk around Bremerhaven harbour to see the sunset – sadly with some clouds.

The next day we went to the museum “Universum” in Bremen. Really much fun. You can make experiments about the human body, or about the earth and the galaxy. You could stay there for a few days and probably you’d still not have enough time to go through all experiments.
Also there was a fun show about learning something about different experiments. Pretty neat.

on our way home we stopped in Münster, simply because we’ve never been there so we went to the Dom, through the city and over the market where we bought some fruits for home. 🙂

It was a great weekend. Something to remeber. But now I am happy to just do simply nothing tomorrow 🙂

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It is November. Guess what that means: Worldwhisperer is back for now 🙂
It was a fantasic 6 months, working 7 days a week in a big family, some who became good friends, seeing really nice places and learning a lot of new things.
This was my first but definately not the last contract here.
I will got back on bord in january 🙂 But until then you’ll get to know what I’ll do with my free time at home.
Until then I have planed a lot of things and will let you know all about it.
For example I will get all my private belongings and my car from Sweden and make a 3 weeks long roadtrip together with a good friend to Germany.
Of course a relaxing-holiday I will not miss out on and I guess I will find a lot of other things to do and tell you all about it.

Also the contract changed me somehow.
For the first time I have jewellery that actually fits together, I do know now how to put on make-up and I did have fun for the first time buying shoes.
I tried out some new sport (yeah you know me – I try everything that has to do with sport somehow) and like it really much. I’m talking about PowerPlate and PowerTower. Really good for biulding up muscels which I do not have a lot of apparently.
I do have new hair, too. For the first time in my life my hair is so short that I cannot bind it together anymore. I also changed back to my old colourstyle. Back to darkbrown and red.

I have seen a lot of nice harbours:
Antalya – Kusadasi – Athens – Valletta – Monte Carlo – Ajaccio – Civitavecchia – Catania – Dubrovnik – Kotor – Bari – Corfu – Cagliari – La Goulette – Barcelona – Valencia – Malaga – Cadiz – Lissaboa
Means I have been in those countries over the last few months:
Turkey – Greece – Malta – Monaco – Italy – France – Croatia – Montenegro – Tunesia – Spain – Portugal

To show you some photos I did take Schröder with me everywhere. I hope you will get some impression about what I experienced the last 6 months.







Etna – Cicily


Valletta / Malta


























most western point of europe


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… don’t know when I’ll be back again.

No, I do know I will be beack in November this year.

Tomorrow I am leaving on my new adventure as a tourguide on a huge german cruiseship in the medditeraean sea for the next 6 months.
It will be a completely new experience and I am looking forward to it.

I do not know if I am allowed to post and how I will have internet and IF I have internet.

So I am sorry I will not be able to read your blogs as well, but I hope in november you will be all back 🙂

Thank you all for the great time you made me while I was here, even if it was a little bit stressfull as well.

Bye bye and see you soon




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It’s no secret language – no.
Since I did the education to become a travel agent I usually only speak in the airport codes about the airports.
So in full written the topic would have to be Kiruna – Copenhagen – Düsseldorf

In Kiruna the weather was fine and the airport was really realxing. People did not hurry or anything and after I said goodbye to Martin the flight left 5min too early.
The flight itself was really calm. You could have imagined to just sit at home on a sofa.
And we were fast and arrived 40min before the estimated time in Copenhagen – OH NO… that meant over 6hrs waiting for my flight!!!


First of all I was overwhelmed by the amount of people. It gave me a headache and the whole stress I was feeling at the airport just wanted to make me scream and run away.
But after some lunch I did find a nice spot where there were not so many people.
I managed to get free WiFi and just hung out online and watching people.
The time went slowly but at least it did went.


And then it was already time to go to the gate.
This time the flight was not that smooth but it was not the worst turbolences I have had. So it was okay.
Exhausted and tired I arrived in Düsseldorf where my mum picked me up.

I already hate being back in Germany.
I have a fullon headache because I am not used to this thick air anymore after having so clear air up north and I feel exhausted and got hay fever. YEY…. super Germany.
But I know it is only for 9 more days and tomorrow I will go with my two best friends to a SPA in our area and just RELAX the whole day long 🙂

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