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Merry Christmas!

I am wishing you all a merry Christmas!

Frohe Weihnachten 500

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Snowshoveling can’t be fun? – YES it CAN!


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So here it comes, the last dog-related video of this season.
I am going to miss making videos, but from november on there will be more again 🙂

As this will be my last dog related post for this season I will also take my time to say a few “thank you”

First to all the nice guests that I have had. Thank you for helping whereever you could help, for taking care of the dogs and also for sometimes taking me to the limit. (only sometimes)
Thank you also to those who sent me such nice photos and videos from the tours we have had together. It was nice seeing it from your point of view 🙂

Thank you to all work colleagues. It was a fun time and I hope you all enjoy the summer 🙂

And now the biggest THANK YOU to all the dogs. What an amazing job you did. I would not be able to find words to thank all of them… so I will just go and pet each of them even more 🙂

If you like to see all the videos from the season again this is a little playlist I made:

Playlist of all the videos

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A short summary of the season of 2012/2013

The absolutely awesome dogs ran 367184km all together.
The dog who ran most km was a 8 year old female called Alva with 3754km.

I guided57 tours.
3x Rinki Tinki (Rounds on the lake)
2x Northern Light
18x Halfdaytour
15x Daytour
8x Overnight
11x Silence of the winter

I had 405 guests with me with an age range from 4 till 77 years.

The season is over now and I will soon start my new adventure as a tourguide on a big cruiseship.

Here a photo of my last daytour


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I thought today I finally show you a video I have been working on over the last few weeks. Everytime I wanted to finish it I did not have time and everytime I had time I was not in the mode to finish it.

So here is a video of my last two “Silence of the winter” Tours for this season. Just playing around with my new camera.
Hope you enjoy it.

Only 5 days of the season left.
Already driven my last “Silence of the Winter”, my last “Overnight Tour” and today my last “Halfdaytour” for this season 🙂 😦

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Since a while I wanted to update the T-Puppies. But instead I worked, worked and worked. So now I took time to at least make a february video 🙂

Somehow the quality is getting worse and worse and I cannot see why. So I hope you like in anyway – even with a hell of a lot of pixels

For all those who joined me later, in the past few weeks here are the links to the former videos:

January 2013

December video (youtube)

Sommervideo (facebook)

Training on the sleds (youtube)

Quad training (youtube) (my favorite 🙂 )

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Last week I was finally again on the “Silence of the Winter”. This time with 6 guests from all over the world.
3 Guests from Germany, 2 from Australia and 1 from South-Africa.
I love to have mixed groups and it was fantastic 🙂 Really enjoyed the company.

This was also the first week we drove to a new cabin.
Well not a new cabin – they also used it last year but this year I was the first one driving there and I was really lucky as the trails were perfect (thanks to Anders, our activity manager) and the weather was blue sky and sunshine.
Great was also the fact that I did bring my bridgecamera, which I usually not bring, on tour to tkae some nice photos.
We even had a small northern light the last evening 🙂

Here are some impressions of last week 🙂











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We had our talks and I know how the next time in my life and next winter looks like.

I will stay at “Explore the North” until the end of may to take care of the dogs also after the season together with a new doghandler.
In august I will come back here as a guide. Of course first training the dogs and then guiding the tours here. 🙂
So everybody who is interessted: book a Tour next season 🙂

Anyway, the main reason I am writing this blog is that I want to apologize that at the moment I do not have so much time to read and comment on your blogs, or write here a lot as I am looking for a job at the moment for summertime.
So I am writing a lot of applications and googeling a lot of different jobs to do from june until august.

It is harder than you think to get something for only 3 month. But we will see.
If any of you know anything, let me know. The more creative – the better.
I do ALMOST everything, as long as I can live somewhere, have food and at least a little money.

But even if I might not write for a few days/week(s) here some photos from the last weeks:

DSCN2326 DSCN2328 DSCN2331 DSCN2357

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It is already the 6th of february so it is time for me to show you how january looked like for me – in a little video of course 🙂

I took music from the same guy as before as I just think that his music fits the video. We had a lot of sun – probably the most sunny january I have had in 4 years.

Anyway I hope you enjoy.

For all those who joined me later, in the past few weeks here are the links to the former videos:

December video (youtube)

Sommervideo (facebook)

Training on the sleds (youtube)

Quad training (youtube) (mein liebstes 🙂 )

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